Dylan's Helmet

Dylan is currently using the Vega KJ2 Jr. helmet which is rated CMR 2007.  It is currently unavailable in the primary market but you can likely find a used one after a kid has outgrown his or hers.  We purchased our 2 years ago at CometKartSales.com (actually in the store) but it appears it is no longer available. Our only complaint is the padding in the bottom around the jaw is removable and often comes out when Dylan is putting his helmet on and taking it off.  Overall it is a good helmet with a clear visor that you can change if you want, but we would give it  a 4/5 because of the removable pads falling out too often during the last minute rush to get a 6 year old ready to race or qualify. #vegahelments #kidkats #kartingsafety

Vegal KJ2 Jr.

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