Whiteland Race #2 and #3 (5/4/2019 Double Header)

Dylan qualified 5th and finished 4th in the first race on rain tires. It was a disaster for the kids, fun for the kids, scary for the parents or fun to watch for the parents. It was something. He was very briefly in 2nd but spun on the last 2 laps to finish 4th. It was by far his best race of the season. He fought with others on track and avoided any big wrecks as there were many spins among the kid karts on the wet and slippery surface. His line improved greatly from the first race of the season without the chance to practice. I can't wait to see what he can accomplish after we get tons of practice time during the summer.

The second race and qualifying were much more of a struggle. He slid all over in the qualifying as the track was drying. Some kids were on slicks and some were on rain tires. For reasons that baffle me now we went out with slicks on front and rain tires on back. There was a rhyme to the reason as we did not have time to unmount the rain and remount the slicks. This was all caused by my getting the wrong wheels at Come Kart Sales as I got a notification that it was time for the driver's meeting when we were 35 minutes away. So I forgot our front hubs were directly mounted to the axle... Long story short the 2nd race started bad and ended worse. He qualified 7th which wasn't necessarily the end to the chances of a good finish but after all of his sliding during the race he was unable to move up and finished in 7th. I'll post the videos on you tube later today hopefully - so if you want to see what a go-kart looks like with absolutely no grip check our our channel or the Gallery on our website. Lets just say he was very luck to finish in 7th.

Overall though it was a good day with the worse race of the year and the best race of the year. It was fun to race in the rain but hopefully if it happens again its not on a day with 2 races. We are going to replace the tires and get another set or two of wheels for the front. Not a cheap sport but Dylan loves it. He was in tears after the 2nd race after the high expectations set for by the first. He has never cried if his basketball team, baseball team or soccer team lost so its good to see his passion for Motorsport.

The kids waiting under umbrellas to race.

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